Carly Vanderburg – Member Profile

Carly Vanderburg – Member Profile

From a young age, Carly always wanted to run her own business and be a successful career woman. Her first business was a pet care business at the age of eight which she thoroughly enjoyed, until she had to take care of ducks who loved the mud. Carlys favourite part of business was counting the money and scheduling the work. From a young age she helped her mother with bookkeeping tasks, who owned a successful bookkeeping firm.

Carly previously worked in the banking industry which was predominantly focussed on lending and sales. She enjoyed her work at the bank but found her match with being a bookkeeper and BAS agent. Vander Books provides Bookkeeping and BAS agent services for the Shoalhaven and South Coast, as well as remotely Australia wide. They take care of financial reporting with knowledge, efficiency, and precision, allowing business owners to put their time and skills back into their business.

Carly has serviced a range of clients across a range of sectors including construction, trade, retail, hospitality, Allied Health and more. She helps clients achieve their goals and make their businesses thrive with modern and savvy service. Its important to be up to date with technology, software and applications as there are a lot of options in modern bookkeeping that can help clients finances but also the day to day running of their business.

What’s your local life story? How long have you called the South Coast home?

I’m originally from Orange, and I moved to the Illawarra when I was seven. I moved to Bomaderry and renovated a home there for four years. We sold that early this year. and then we moved to Culburra beach. So I guess you can say I’m new to the actual South Coast, but I’ve been in the Shoalhaven for about five years.

How does your work/life balance look? Does it look much different to if you were working in the city?

I ventured out on my own in December last year, so I was working Full Time for a bookkeeping firm and running my own business on the side. And it was really difficult to juggle, obviously, balancing everything. Owning your own business can obviously go both ways. So I’ve been able to really find that perfect balance and close the office door at the end of the day. I also have my own work phone, separate from my mobile phone. So I’ve found that has been a key move. Otherwise, you find you’re sitting there on your phone at the end of the day, and you’re still doing business rather than switching off. So that’s been really, really good. I think my work life balance is great. I’ve got a lot of spare time now.

Working for yourself. It’s a journey. When did you take the leap?

I honestly wasn’t super fearful. But I think it’s because there was such a build up. So there was an overlap of a couple of years that I was building up my own business on the side, which was much smaller than it is now. But I guess that gave me the confidence that I could do it and branch out on my own. My employment as a bookkeeper prior to starting my own business also helped. I knew that I was successful. I wasnt super scared, it was a dream come true.

What’s been the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

Getting a presence down here in the Shoalhaven. A lot of my clients are remote, so they’re not in the local area. For example, Ive got clients in Sydney, Victoria, Queensland. Modern bookkeeping is all online, so you don’t have to go to a place of business anymore. WorkLife has helped me overcome that though, because I’ve been able to put a location on my business rather than just my home office. Leading up to this year I was balancing everything, with my work life, so balancing my full time job, doing the business on the side, renovating a home, and traveling to and from the area took up a lot of time. That was a big hurdle, but it was definitely worthwhile.

Is there anything that’s been a surprise to you?

I guess the only thing I can think of is that the South Coast and the Shoalhaven specifically is that its such a big area. Such a big government area, but it has such a small town community feel. So there’s still that local connection.

What’s your passion project/side gig? Is there anything that you’re hustling on?

No, because for so long, I was so busy. And it actually played a really big part in my health, being busy all the time for years. Now I’m just enjoying having spare time at the end of the day. So no, I’m just putting everything I can into my business. Technically, it’s still a new business. So I feel like I’ve got a lot of room to grow and shine still. I’m just putting everything I have into it. I definitely live the simple life now. So my days are basically just getting up to work, then I go for big, long walks on the beach. Its pretty simple, and thats what I wanted.

Picture your book shelf at home. What’s the one book on it that everyone should borrow?

Most of my books are cookbooks. I’m a massive Thermomix cooking freak. So I’m obsessed with the mix cooking. So I guess you could say any Thermomix book. You can google any recipe and find a Thermomix version and it will save you time. I’ve made some really really good things, but I’ve failed a lot as well. I do love experimenting with food.

What piece of furniture in your house makes you the happiest?

I would say my wormy chestnut timber table it’s just really beautiful. Just the wood grain through it is really really nice. Another piece of furniture that I love is my sit/stand desk in my office. It’s a lifesaver! It really is so much better for you.

When people come to the South Coast, what’s the one thing they should eat locally?

South on Albany. That is phenomenal, Im obsessed. I can’t wait to go there again once it reopens.

I also used to live in Kiama, and there is Hanoi on Manning where they do amazing Vietnamese food. I think thats definitely my other favourite.

What’s your go-to listen (music/podcast) for any trips into the City?

Shirtloads of Science by Dr. Karl is a really cool podcast. There’s also another one called Follow the Money. It’s Australia’s big economic issues explained in plain English, so you can understand it better. I listen to a lot of different types of music, alternative rock to like R & B rap music. Then I do listen to some heavy metal, which is probably shocking to hear, I do get some pretty strange reactions when people hear that!

What’s your best productivity hack to get the most out of each workday?

Starting first thing in the morning for me. Getting right into it. Obviously coffee first, straight into the work and then planning my scheduling. That’s a must, otherwise I’m all over the place. So you know, using a calendar or diary, blocking out time and then focusing on the hardest task first. So things that you put off, you do that first, you’ll achieve something then. I find if you keep putting it off, it becomes stressful and harder.

What’s the best thing about your membership to WorkLife?

My virtual membership with WorkLife has made it possible for me to have a presence in the Shoalhaven. As I mainly operate from my home office it is great to have an optional space to hold client meetings if required and receive paperwork from clients if required. I am also able to use the other WorkLife location office spaces if needed which is excellent. Berry is a beautiful location, I am looking forward to meeting more of the regular professionals that attend WorkLife and events.

Imagine tomorrow is a perfect snapshot of your Best Life. What are you doing?

I would usually say traveling overseas and probably to Vietnam because it’s one of my favourite countries. I’ve been there a few times, so I’d love to go there again. But obviously, we can’t even think about that at the moment. So probably just spending the day at the beach with my favourite people in the sunshine and then entertaining at my home.


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