Q2 is that really you?

Q2 is that really you?

Welcome to Q2 2022. Seriously. That’s right, we have just one quarter left to get everything done you imagined you might when you planned this financial year. If your to-do list looks like mine, i’m sending strength and fortitude for the sprint ahead!

Every time I hit the overwhelm moment, I find it helpful and soothing to reconnect with our vision for WorkLife- the answer to ‘what the hell are all of these tasks in aid of again?’ question. Our why. It’s the best kickstarter to the malaise, the soggy matches, the overwhelm. For us it’s this. 

The Vision: WorkLife is there to inspire people to believe that they can live their best lives out of our CBDs. We are creating a series of neighbourhood club houses on the South Coast where thinkers and doers, creative and clever people, come together to work, connect and play. We want to support them to create a life with balance, where they can raise their kids in the great outdoors. Shop local. Stress less and give back more. We want to help diversify our local economies and provide a platform and a place that helps to create great jobs in the regions for our kids generation. 

Ostensibly we create beautifully designed spaces, with fast internet speeds and great coffee/beer/wine on tap. But really we are here to create communities- lets call it LocalLife if you will 😉

Here’s a few lovely insights into the LocalLife we are busy creating. 

1) A brand new partnership with our friends up in the Highlands – Berrima Vault House for our members and theirs to enjoy reciprocal rights at each others venues. Announcement details below.
2) An encore or two to our recent Meet the Candidates Event to help local engagement with the upcoming festival of democracy (aka the Federal Election) for the seats of Cunningham and Gilmore. Dates to be confirmed on Facebook asap.
3) Our annual Mothers Day Artists Salon event at WorkLife Coledale curated by Chrystie Longworth. Friday 6th May-Sunday 8th May- this time with a special basket weaving workshop on the Saturday afternoon
4) More live music sessions at SocialLife – Charlotte Park & Greg Townley are both booked again for upcoming dates- check instagram for details.
5) A campaign to help refill the empty shelves of the Lismore Library who lost their entire collection to the recent floods. Donations from our members have been amazing- now we are seeking some financial help to get the beautiful boxes of books to Lismore. Can you sponsor a box? $50 per box to ship. Details of how to help below. 

These are the fun, shiny, optimistic bright yellow lights we are holding onto as we navigate the muddy puddles of the year so far.

We can’t wait to see you soon!


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