James Gulliver Hancock Exhibition & Berry Merry Christmas

Saturday 10th December
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James Gulliver Hancock Exhibition & Berry Merry Christmas

Berry Merry Christmas & James Gulliver Hancock Exhibition⁠

We warned you – it’s event season here at WorkLife! 🍾⁠

A chance to celebrate the season, make the most of the Berry Merry Christmas Parade festivities and the launch of our Summer Exhibition by local superstar artist James Gulliver Hancock.⁠

James’ multi media installation explores his evolving relationship with the South Coast environment and the effect it has had on him. James’ practice as an artist and illustrator has previously focused on documenting urban environments and pathways that connect people to cities, however this exhibition sees a return to landscapes closer to home.⁠

Looking through a nostalgic lens, the graphics of South Coast 1980’s surf town designs from his childhood have been applied to the rainforest in which he now lives and works.⁠

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