How to Network in a Coworking Environment

How to Network in a Coworking Environment

One of the most underrated benefits of working in a coworking community is the incidental access to an incredibly diverse range of individuals and businesses.

With the number of remote workers growing by 44% in the last five years, and the average shared workspace quadrupling its number of paying members since 2012, it seems coworking spaces are the place to be for ultimate professional connection.

Networking is not usually top of the list of reasons seek a shared workspace membership, but it is the regularly commented upon upside with 79% of workers reporting that it has expanded their social networks and 64% stating additional freelance work or projects resulting from connections made.

How to reach out and connect with people authentically can feel tricky or uncomfortable to people who aren’t used to thrusting business cards into prospects hands at sales conferences. So if you aren’t one of the natural born networkers, we have compiled a list of ways you can make the most of  the  access you have to so many inspiring and creative professionals who are your fellow community members at WorkLife!


Connect Online

WorkLife, like most coworking communities, has an online directory of our members. When you create a profile you are able to select whether you are open to new social or business connections- or if you would just like to put your head down and get on with your to-do list in peace. When you join a space browse through the directory and reach out to anyone who looks like you might have a potential connection with or opportunity for and connect on Linkedin for the low pressure reach out- or ask them to have a coffee the next time you’re in on the same day.

Be Curious

Make some time to make conversation. Take the plunge and introduce yourself to the unfamiliar faces. However, being polite with the usual greetings won’t be the thing that makes you memorable. Genuine curiosity into the lives, careers and wellbeing of other members sticks. Join in on the coffee machine chatter, you won’t regret it!

Share Knowledge

This can be professional or personal. Has this member recently moved to the area and is in need of a good school, or footy club? Did you really love a recent podcast or business article? Does the coffee machine have a funny quirk that only the original members are aware of? Are you super pleased with the mortgage broker you just used or the piece of software you are trialing. Share your tips and tricks. 

Refer fellow Members

The best way to create a network of professional references is to start the goodwill chain yourself. Be the person to refer to other members if jobs that might be suited to them do pop up. Generously showing enthusiasm and understanding of their business is always appreciated and is a sure fire way to stay front of mind the next time they are asked if they know a good designer/lawyer/developer/trainer.

Be Passionate!

The best way to not end up like Chandler from Friends is to be passionate! No one will remember what you do for work if work isn’t the subject of your passionate chat. Talk about your favorite clients, your obstacles and achievements whenever possible. Everyone may be working in different sectors, but at the end of the day what goes around comes around. We see new collaborations happening daily at WorkLife- its one of the greatest joys to see it set it in motion. 

Attend Events

Another benefit of working in a shared workspace are the carefully curated and sometimes exclusive events hosted. This is a great way to relieve some office awkwardness and let yourself get to know your community in a more social environment. WorkLife events like our member lunches and community markets also give you plenty of shared experiences to refer to on Monday morning when you see them again!

Plug Yourself as a Solution 

Believe in yourself, your work, and your capacity to be someone’s solution. You have your job or your business for a reason. Have you overheard someone looking for a photographer/website developer/building certifier? Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself or ask the Community Manager to talk you up. Make sure to take up the opportunities to be profiled within your spaces communications – at WorkLife our Member Profiles have been the beginning of you also add your business card to the table covered with them – it’s an effortless way to subconsciously be noted.


With a WorkLife membership you get access to our extensive members catalog connecting you to professional individuals open and willing to network, collaborate and connect. So really – we’ve already done the hard parts for you. All you have to do is sign up!

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