The Role of a WorkLife Community Manager

The Role of a WorkLife Community Manager

Interested in becoming our WorkLife Picton Community Manager? Here’s a little more information about the role!


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Member Satisfaction: Maintain a high level of member satisfaction by regularly collecting and analyzing feedback, addressing concerns promptly, and taking action to continuously improve the member experience.

Community Engagement: Build a strong sense of community by organising regular events and activities that promote member interaction and foster a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Occupancy Rates: Attract new members and maintain high occupancy rates by developing strong relationships with local businesses and community leaders and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Operational Efficiency: Ensure that the workspace is clean, organised, and visually appealing at all times, and that all operational tasks, including daily tours, day passes, and meeting room bookings, are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Financial Performance: Meet or exceed revenue targets by managing expenses effectively, capturing all potential revenue, ensuring completeness of transactions, communicating effectively the pricing and membership plans, and identifying opportunities to generate additional revenue through events, sponsorships, or partnerships.


If you are an outgoing, energetic, and warm individual with a deep understanding of the Picton community and a passion for creating welcoming and inclusive environments, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Send your CV and a covering letter letting us know something about your LocalLife story to and feel free to call 0413 202 425 for a preliminary chat at any time. 


Applications close: end of June 2023