How the WorkLife environment is shaping your work life

How the WorkLife environment is shaping your work life

Where you work matters. Ask any one who works from home. The temptation of doing last night’s dishes mixed with silence and the need for adult human interaction. These things effect you and your productivity in ways you may not even realise.

For many they may have home offices decked out with ergonomic equipment and a surround sound systems for focus inducing low-fi tunes. However for most, it’s the retirees next door mowing the lawn for the second time in a week, and the dinging room table that doubles as a desk by day.

Your environment shapes the way you work. The functionality of your space, the way it triggers your senses, the temporal factors that drive you, and the social aspect that gives you a boost of energy and relatability are all playing a part in your professional story.

Right now it might seem fine shuffling your pages and pages of to-do lists from your kitchen bench to the floor and back each day, but in the long term your productivity and sanity need a solution! That’s where WorkLife comes in. We provide you with a modern, thoughtful environment for you to achieve your best self. So if you want to know if co-working is the logical next step for you, lets us tell you how the WorkLife environment could shape your work life.

First up, asses your senses. How are they reacting to distractions or temptations? These can be anything from the type of lighting in your study, the smells coming from your kitchen, the sounds coming from the tv. All these elements effect your productivity. At WorkLife, we love yellow. There is a reason for this. Yellow is known to stimulate creativity and decision making which is perfect for a room full of entrepreneurs and self managed employees. Although white may seem like the more logical choice, it is proven to decrease productivity by 25%!

Sound is another crucial element. Your playlist may be effecting the way you work without you even realising. Each genre of music aligns with a type of productivity. At WorkLife we like to make sure everyone is feeling motivated by the music that fills our offices. For creativity, functionality, and decision making we opt for a groovy playlist at a medium volume level. This helps to drown out the noise of other members tapping away at their own keyboards.

Aromatherapy is a key element in all of our spaces. Each location has multiple diffusers that we fill with essential oils each day to promote productivity, calm energy, and aid in information processing. Our go to at the moment is the Lemon Myrtle Oil from Simply Clean.This gorgeous smell is known as a natural anti-depressent and is used to create a calm space, soothing the mind and helping members who may be feeling overwhelmed.

Moving away from the senses, one of our values at WorkLife is community. For many the sense that they are a part of a bigger network of individuals is enough to keep them inspired and motivated to work. Working from home can seem lonely and often keep you from forming lasting connections within your local community. It is proven that employees who feel isolated can suffer from burnout more often due to a lack of support. In 2020 1 in 5 people said loneliness was their biggest struggle as remote workers. At WorkLife we strive to bring our members numerous annual events that give everyone an opportunity to connect outside of work, making their connections inside our spaces all the more meaningful.

Working from home can be exciting in the first few months, but when your only conversation is with the family dog, that may be your sign to check in with your local co-working space. And if you’re living in the South Coast and surrounds – you’re in luck! We have offices in Berry, Coledale, and Picton, that are ready for you to take a tour!






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