Member Profile | Celina Gregory

Member Profile | Celina Gregory

Celina Gregory grew up in Berry. When she was looking for occasional space to be able to meet clients from, and needed a professional address for her growing business (that wasn’t her home address), she reached out to WorkLife to become a “virtual member”. But there is nothing “virtual” about Celina’s warmth, passion for the region, depth of her networks or seriousness of her skills and experience.

Celina is in business to help local and out-of-area buyers find and buy an ideal property. So don’t let the the tree-change dream stay virtual- reach out and tap into her fifteen years of experience as an agent and mediator, to hunt down your dream home.

It was such a pleasure to hear her LocalLife story in this months members profile and to understand what she was looking for in her WorkLife membership.

Can you tell me a little bit about your local life story? How did you end up here on the south coast?

My parent’s moved here 50 years ago so I was brought up here. I went to Berry Primary School but I went to high school in Sydney so I left quite young. After living in Sydney, London and the Southern Highlands I ended up back where I began. My mother was the local ballet teacher before she became a psychologist and my Dad was the local music teacher. My Dad still lives here. Berry feels like home to me.

Why and how did you take the plunge to work for yourself?

If anything I’ve had to try and stop myself working for myself, haha.. I’ve always had quite an entrepreneurial spirit so I love the idea of creating businesses and have had many over the years as a Producer for a long time and a counsellor/family mediator which were my other careers. Sometimes I’ve had to try and put a lid on that and go for the security of receiving a wage working for someone else, but I prefer to work for myself to my own timetable.

What triggered the leap to build your own brand and business?

I’ve wanted to be a buyer’s agent for many many years but people kept talking me out of it as it was probably too early, buyer’s didn’t know so much about the option then. Then Covid came and as a sales agent I was selling properties that the buyers hadn’t even seen and I felt there was such a need for an independent buyer’s agent in the area, so was determined to do it and I did!

What does balance look like for you?

Working for myself. Being able to work to my own schedule, able to be there for my kids. Also having time for plenty of self care and time with friends and family. A girl’s lunch is always nice too!

What’s been one of the biggest challenges to your industry?

Lately, numerous interest rate hikes have had an impact. But real estate always has ups and downs. I’ve worked in real estate on and off for over 15 years and it’s always a bit of a rollercoaster. You need to ride out the lows to enjoy the booms. For buyer’s agents specifically, it’s taken a while for the awareness to spread in Australia, but it’s becoming the norm in Sydney as it is in America now, and I’m sure the rest of the country will follow over time.

What are your hobbies and passions outside of work?

I learnt Vedic meditation at 19 and its I’d been a life saver throughout my adult life, I also combine it with some yoga asans and breathing techniques in a sequence called rounding. I love doing that daily. I also love spending time with my kids and animals at home and also love travelling when I can. I’m a bit reclusive so my home is my sanctuary.

What book would you recommend to the WorkLife Community from your bookshelf?

‘Up In the Hills’ a book my mother Heather Foster wrote about farming days in Upper Broger’s Creek which may interest the local WL community. The Berry post office and Berry Museum usually stock it.

Do you have a piece of furniture or artwork in your house with a great story?

I have many as I can’t part with all the family heirlooms. The most special pieces are a very old Grandfather clock from my grandparents and piano from my Mum, both were transported from England. I’m sure they could both tell many stories.

If you have friends come down to visit you, what’s the one thing you recommend they eat locally?

Chocolates from the Berry Chocolatier.

What’s your best productivity hack for getting the most out of every day?

Meditating in the morning to increase efficiency and creativity.  I’m also a list person. I can’t survive without them. The Evernote app is my best friend!

What does a dream day look like for you?

For a normal day – Meditation, a walk at the Gerringong headland dog park with a friend and our little daschund Coco, inspecting some incredible houses around Berry for clients, negotiating a purchase for them, a girls lunch, massage, a hot bath, and early night. Or if I can dream a little more, a relaxing day in Lake Como eating delicious Italian food.

What’s been the best thing about your WorkLife membership at this stage of your business?

Like so many other locals I’m sure, I’m so grateful we have WorkLife in Berry to offer more flexible working arrangements. To be able to keep home and work separate but not have to leave town is a dream.

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