Count your chickens, and get back to it!

Count your chickens, and get back to it!

There is nothing like the anomaly of an early Easter with the school holidays still to come to provide the feeling of spaciousness in the middle of Q1 and Q2.

I hope that you have made the most of the extended seasonal step change and stopped, reconnected with friends and family and soaked up your version of rest, rebirth and redemption.

Sitting in the sunshine by the river at the farm last week I dragged the magazines out and made the teens and the queens join me in my annual project of vision boarding. First introduced to me by old WorkLife colleagues Odetta and Bonnie as an activity for my 40th birthday lunch back in 2019- ever since then it’s been an annual project.

Now usually I am utterly against the quackery of ‘manifesting a destiny of abundance’- but I’m a few years into this ritual and am here to genuinely attest to the value of the exercise if you are feeling a little bit adrift and disconnected from your purpose, pleasure and path.

These days WorkLife Coledale community member and friend Lucy Kippist is something of a specialist in the process- and has shared her thoughts on the value of vision boarding in a recent WorkLife blogpost– but for my mind the uncanny visualisation of the things that ‘spark joy’ or symbols or words to remind you of commitments and priorities can be a great tool of adjustment in times of flux.

Plus, when is sitting in the sunshine over tea or wine with friends, absentmindedly flicking through glossy magazines while you chat about the mundane, profane and profound detritus of life ever been a bad use of a few hours?

2023‘s Vision Board was full of messages of WorkLife’s recovery, screen time and mid-week wine time discipline, motivation for house renovations, bush regeneration, and commitments to time for reading and festivals, rest and relaxation.

2024‘s seems to be setting course for some girl-power, the wisdom of aging, travelling and connecting with growing teens, commitments to sleep, meditation and the eternal chase of the 1% improvements. There is also an emerging edge of a vision for my next BIG bet on art, music, landscape and time spent creating community in place…..

So whether this strange extended change of season pause that we are in is either just what you needed or a nightmare of wobbly productivity – trust me when I say, some time reconnecting with what lights you up will give you just the boost you need until that bastard RBA Governor just makes it September already and gets those rate cuts underway.

In a year that seems to be stuck in a crevasse between recovery and regression- a few more pennies in the pocket might be just what we all need to stop manifesting and start doing again.

And if vision boarding is a little too woo woo for you, there is always WorkLife 😉

Can’t wait to see you through our doors for the shortcut to balance, community and productivity- works every time.

That’s my promise to you.


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