Planning Days – The WorkLife Recipe

Planning Days – The WorkLife Recipe

WorkLife has grown over the last 7 years to be a team of 10 who work mostly autonomously from our three locations and home. 

As a coworking business, we are pretty used to playing at the cutting edge of the future of work. On-demand space, community connections, seamless tech, worklife balance and productivity is what we sell- and we need to make sure that as a team and as organisation- we practice what we preach. 

To keep our team connected and our business humming, we run our business between a carefully calibrated series of online, hybrid and in person meetings. 

Recently we hosted the first of our 90 Day Planning Days for 2024 at WorkLife in Coledale. The first time that our expanded team have been in a room together! It was a delight to see the recipe come to life. 

These quarterly extended planning sessions perform a few functions- and so the agenda has been carefully designed and road tested to get a lot done in a few short hours of time together in real life. 

Perhaps as we move into Q2 and you start thinking about your Financial Year planning- you might be able to borrow a bit of the WorkLife special sauce- and host one of your own planning days or team off-site events at WorkLife Picton, Berry or Coledale. 

To help you make the most of LocalLife- we have assembled our little black book of favourite local experiences, accommodation, dining and shopping options. 

Here below is WorkLife’s 90 Day Plan Agenda- and below, a link to our Boardroom Bookings. 

We would LOVE to help you nail your strategic planning this cycle.

Book a space and we will help coordinate and recommend the rest out of the goodness of our very yellow WorkLife hearts.



LUNCH: arrive, check in and roles for the day. (Host, harvest, timekeeper)
FOOD: Earth Walker & Co

How are you arriving?
**thanks to the Circle Way for great resources for how to arrive well at team meetings

Setting roles and intentions for the day? (Host, harvest & Timekeeper)
**thanks to the art of hosting for these practices

Review of your personality type- what does it say about you that you strongly identify with?
**thanks 16 personalities for your free tool

If I were to create a user manual for myself at work, what would it say?
**thanks Atlassian for sharing your toolkit for how to communicate and collaborate as a team that is respectful of difference


1st half of 2024 = more of, less of, exercise. Three for you personally and three for your work with us at WorkLife
**thanks to Jim Collins and his Good to Great thesis for the inspiration for this exercise


PRESENTATION: The WorkLife system/ ACDCEA/ review of roles & key functions across team & three sites
**thanks to Mike Michalowicz and his seminal book Clockwork for the foundations of WorkLife’s operating model.

Attract- marketing and events
Convert- sales and support
Deliver- space operations and systems
Collect- finance and pricing
Expand- new sites feasibility
Advocate- community partnerships & industry development 


Master Event Calendar for 2024
**Here is our master calender for the year featuring all of the “celebration days” that connect to small business and the WorkLife brand. Feel free to borrow from our work!




How can we build value & connection between WorkLife & our members? 

Members rewards, milestones, reviews & referrals
**Here is some inspiration and process for doing User Journey and Ideal Client Archtypes for your business


90 Day Plan/ projects & priorities to deliver ACDCEA

Introduction of Default Diary to achieve these. 

**The system for this is adapted from Steven Covey’s ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’
And the way we apply it is via



What’s new and how it will be implemented
Hamlet- sales, space and members task management
Deputy- team management 


Head to dinner!

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